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Thursday, October 13th, 2005
6:28 pm
kejo: i have reason to strangle you, kitsune

tyron: oh? and why's that?

kejo: reasons!

tyron: i know? what are these reason kejo?

kejo: they are what they are! do not question the reason!

tyron: so you're saying you're not going to tell me what they are.

kejo: i did not say that? liar and slanderer!!

tyron: what??

kejo: you heard right, kitsune! i never said what the reasons were.

tyron: i know! and you won't tell me me either, even when i ask!!

kejo: ...i did?

tyron: yea, geez, you're stupid.

kejo: so i'm supposing you'd like to know what those reason were.

tyron: umm, yeah.

kejo: i won't tell.

tyron:...damn you....it's one of your mind games! i refure kejo! i refuse! *walks away*

kejo: hey, wait...i'm not done! you can't leave in the middle of a game!


kejo: ....

kejo: i'm so alone.
Thursday, February 17th, 2005
1:08 am
later that afternoon
the sun is not forever. it fades away and yawns, as it tuckers away itself into the horizon of the earth. and where it goes, so does his light. the night swarms into the air, speading its effect over our heroes, who are now preparing for the night's veil. soon, a fire is born, and it begins to flickers, kicking and wailing from it birth, being alive. kejo, tyron,mea, and aerion attend the fire, gathering their warmth from its movement. they all sit, silently, with the look of content upon their face. tyron, with a stick in his hand, begins to poke the fire.

"i'm hungry." he says abruptly.

"really? well here." kejo reaches into his pocket. tyron licks his lips and is eager at anticipation of what kejo is to give him. a candy bar? beef jerky? oh! he could just smell the goodness of the jerky sneak into his nostril, causing him to drool.

kejo hands the item to tyron. it is a knife.

"what the blooming hell am i supposed to do with this?!" cries tyron.

"if you're hungry, go out into the forest and kill us something good to eat." says kejo, as he begins to snicker.

"come on, kejo. we've been at it all day with the hiking and whatnot, and we scarcely had a bite to eat."

kejo gives in to her plea. "okay, okay, mea. for you i will. aerion, be a lady for me, and go in the tent and find my backpack, will ya?"

"as you wish, lord kejo" she nods politely and walks briskly into the tent.

"you know," says mea, "i'll go along with her." she gets up and walk into the tent.

inside the tent, aerion searches for her dear one's backpack. mea spots her and approaches her.

"hey, aerion..." she says hesitantly.

"yes, mea? did you need something?"

"oh nothing. we just never seem to talk much, other than that incident when kejo spilled his drink on me."


"well yeah, i'm just wondering, wonder about you. i know it probably sounds stupid and all, but i don't know much about you, and well i just wanna know a little bit more. i know that kejo found you and cared for you. but exactly...what happened that day?"

"well it's a bit painful to talk about. i really don't remember much about my past. i do remember this much; that i was on the road to look for someone, who exactly is beyond me. anyway, i was alone in the woods, walking about to the nearest town to find sleep. i got attacked, by these tribal people and beat me, and threw me around all the sort, they cut me so bad that they well, as you can see, i have half a tail. but then lord kejo appeared. he protected me and defeated them. and though he shot and stabbed and the sort, and trust me all the times i've seen him do so, he has never killed. he has never taken a life. he only wounds them deeply. well, after he was able to scare them away, he tended to me. he stopped my tail from bleeding, and he carried me 14 miles to where he used to live, which was Elabora. there, he took to the hospital and waited on me all night. i was released the next day, and when i was, i was surprised that he have me 'get well' presents, along with a plump teddy bear i named Snowball, and i carry him around with me just about everywhere. he asked me all sort of questions, like 'where were you heading?' and when i said i don't know, and that i had no place to stay, lord kejo took me under his wings and let me stay with me. i was happy. except for the fact i didn't have much of a tail, and then i grew sad. but one day, he gave me this giant bow, and he tied it to the end of my tail. he told me this was my new tail and that it was beautiful and that it suits me. he did all he could for me. and then some. he is the most sweetest person i've even know, really he's the sweetest person i know. and that day, made me realize something; that i'm in his debt and i wanted to make up all the things he did for me. so i subjected myself to him and do everything i can for him. one day, i hope that he will see something and that one day..." aerion begins to speak softly and blushes.

"aerion? are you in love with kejo?" mea asks

she covers her face, for she begins to blushe a bright red "i want to be...his...wife..."

meanwhile, at the campfire, impatiently sits tyron and kejo.

"geez, kejo, what's taking them so long? i think i'll take you up on the offer on killing something."

"i have no idea, kitsune. do i look like mea? do i look like aerion? they're probably having one of those girly chats. you know how long those last."

tyron's left ear twitched. "i heard something over in those bushes..."

"huh? i don't hear anything kitsune."

"there! i see it. look!"

"what?" he snatches his knife out of tyron's hands. kejo jumps up and and sidles towards the bush.

"do you see it?" yells tyron.

"nope i don't see anything!"

"well z-target it!"

"huh?! what the fuck is that??"

"oh...never mind," sighs tyron. "it's probably gone now."

"you best not hope that kitsune. if you had me all riled up for nothing, i'll hang you out to dry! you dig?"

"oh, come on, kejo. i don't feel comfortable here. i feel like something's...afoot..."

"oh! something's afoot about go up your ass, for making this a false alarm!" says kejo angrily.

"man, well just jump on my case, i'm just looking out for the ladies. it's our job to protect them."

"okay, fine then. we'll post watch when it's time for sleep. since i'm naturally nocturnal i'll go first."

"fine by me."

aerion and mea appear from out of the tent with the backpack.

"whoot!" exclaims tyron. "about time!" i'm ready to eat!"

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Friday, January 14th, 2005
11:21 am
desperation and love
"prepare yourself." growls kejo.

"lord, please don't not go easy on me." request aerion. "i only hope for you to treat as an equal opponent."

"you know you won't win."

"i only want to prove my worth to you."

"if that is your wish. commence!"

they circle around each other. both steady in pace, but unsteady as of who will make the first strike.

"i hate to hesitate..." says an obliged kejo. he comes full speed toward aerion. she starts to become frantic.

"come on, aerion!" cheers mea. "concentrate!"

she starts to focus. she sidestep kejo's attack to the right, and rolls behind him. kejo, flips backward, and clutches her. he then throws her. aerion, ever being nimble, lands upon her feet.

"not bad, but i know you're a lot faster than that." scoff kejo

"i'm just warming up, lord kejo."

this time aerion initates the attack. she comes toward kejo at a moderate speed. kejo prepares for the collision. just when kejo decides to counter, she jumps over him and kicks him from behind. kejo is on all fours.

"not bad" he scowls.

kejo rolls to his feet. he turns toward aerion.

"now!" he yells "come to me! give me everything you got! you desperations, your strength, your cunning, your devotion, your desperation! i want it all!"

"if you want my best, lord kejo..."

they both sprint toward each other. an explosion of punches, kicks, blocks, dodges, and misses swarm the fray. and during the whole ordeal, they both looked into each other eyes.

"wow mea, do you see that?" says tyron. "i never seen two fight like that before. and look! it's like they're staring into each other eyes."

"hmmm..." says mea. "kejo is up to something. and by looking her eyes, i think he knows why is it she wants to battle him.

soon the dirt rises, shrouding the battle for the spectators to see. after a few moments, no blows could not be heard. the shroud thins. and out of it stand aerion over kejo, holding down his arms.

"...it's over." says kejo.

"that means i can go with you!" she shrills. she lets go of kejo, and helps him to his feet. the smile soon disappears and she lowers her head. "master, i wish you'd defeat me. i know you went easy on me."

kejo puts his should on her hand. "next time we battle, i won't be lenient. i promise you this, because i see a promise in you."


"yes. now hurry, grab your stuff. we're leaving soon."

"okay." she scurries into the house.

"kejo... you lost?" says tyron. "that's a first."

"can't you see anything, kitsune? she cried. cried for me, as we fought."
Sunday, January 2nd, 2005
4:15 pm
Teh Kejo and Tyron Show!!! yayayo!
Kejo: hello, kiddies. this is the first ever kejo and tyron show!

Tyron: waita minute. how the hell is this called the kejo and tyron show! it should be called the tyron and kejo show. chicks dig it <3

Kejo: because, moron, our creators made it that way, so sit and and eat a shut-the-fuck-up muffin!

Tyron: no. YOUR creator made it that way. MY creator is wouldn't do such a thing, because she's sexy.

Kejo: ....

Kejo: what the fuck kind of logic is that??

Tyron: mines, bitch! got something to say?

Kejo: yes, i do!

(Kejo glomps Tyron)

Kejo: i love you man.

Tyron: get the hell off me! i'm a manly man, fool!

Kejo: (removes himself off of tyron) did you think that i actually tried to do that?! i hate you, dude! i have no control over what i did because Darai made me do it. and he can contol what you and i say.

Tyron: oh really?

Kejo: yeah, he just made you say 'oh really?'

Tyron: actually i said that on my own, idiot.

Kejo: betcha he can make you say green.

Tyron: no way i'm falling into one of your creator's blooming trick, kejo!

Kejo: scared to admit i'm right.

Tyron: (thinks) oh fine!

Kejo: okay. what color are my ears?

Tyron: brown

Kejo: alright what color are your arms?

Tyron: white

Kejo: okay, what color is sasuken?

Tyron: ...err, grey...

Kejo: ha, knew i'd make you say grey!

Tyron: waita minute, i thought i had to say green....(he realizes the trick)

Kejo: ha, gotcha! actually i made you say green

Tyron: you retard. but still, that doesn't prove that Darai made me say that.

Kejo: regardless he can make you say it.

Tyron: whatever, he can't make me say jack, because he's your creator, and he has no control over the ducks that fly of vancouver that rains the hellstorms of cheese crackers, because vioxx will kill all the salmon within the years to come because viagra is now in the vodka ice cream!! ha!!! my legion of drunk dolphins!!

Kejo: told you.

Tyron: (gasps) but why? how?! he didn't make me!

Kejo: you're in the story, aren't you?

Tyron: that isn't fair! that's sucks

Kejo: well life isn't fair. sorry.

Darai: yep. didn't you get that yet?

Tyron: gah, you ass! making me say such gibberish!

Darai: and i'd do it again, see? (snickers)

Zorina: what did you say, boyo?

Darai: oh shit, i best run. she can kick my ass.

Zorina: stand still, so that you can choke off these panties i'm about to shove down your effing throat! (chases)

Tyron: gooo sarah, my mistress! kick his ass!

Kejo: umm, kitsune, this is starting to get outta hand. at this rate, teletubbies can put in this show. we gotta conclude the show, or doom will befall us.

Tyron: you're right, kejo. we can't have that. soo. turn in next time, that is if there is a next time. to the Tyron and Kejo show!

Kejo: hey bitch! it's the Kejo and Tyron show!

Tyron: aww, lick me. (blows a raspberry)

no, i didn't have anything else better to do. now, back to the story....^_^

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Wednesday, December 29th, 2004
4:42 pm
she starts to giggle.

"you always some cute way to amuse me, kejo."

"kittim, is it you again?"

"yes it is, sweetheart. i've came back, as i promised to direct you once more."

"well, as you can see, i'm not in the best of situations. i'm quite drunk."

"i can see that, but even if you seem impaired to your surroundings, i see that you have a good heart. you didn't bring harm sasuken."

"i have no intentions to shed blood. he is just mislead. i can tell."

"yes, and good judgment."

kejo blushes. "thanks for the compliment. you always have a way to cheer me up. i wish i could see your beauty. even though i cannot see you, by your voice, you sound as beautiful as you look."

"for you, kejo; anything. but for now, i cannot do so. but i will do this for you. it's time for you to leave elabora. again, in these days, your strength will increase by two. but your judgment shouldn't get in the way of truth, and honor. you will do this twice. once more, you will face harsh enemies, but i'm confident that you will prevail. until next time, goodbye, my love."

kejo wakes up.

"she called me 'her love?'"

the next day, at the dining room we find our heroes.

"so we're saddling up?" says tyron.

"yep, we got to make a move on." says kejo. "and umm, i'm sorry mea, for umm, ruining dinner for you."

"ah, don't worry about kejo."

"yeah," says tyron. "you could help you drunk too much, thought you had contol over it, and acted an incompetent idiot that you were, spilled wine on my sweetheart, and protect your drunken ass and didn't even thank me for it."

"you know, kitsune, you're an asshole. but you're a cool asshole. thanks for your help. i'm sorry that i don't act it sometimes, but you can be a great ally."

tyron cocks his head sideways. "..." he looks at mea. "did he just compliment me??"

"somebody had a good night last night, i believe." says mea. "does this involve kittim."

kejo turns his head blushing. "i have no time for idle talk. we must leave."

"WAIT!" cries aerion, rushing down the steps. she comes to kejo, and wraps her arms around him. "please lord kejo, take me with you! i've waited too long, all these years for your return and you leave so soon. i want...i want to be by your side."

"aerion! you know can't go. it's too dangerious. you're not prepared beyond the gates of elabora to leave."

"i have trained a great deal during your presence, master. please, take me with you. or accept my challenge."

"challenge, eh?"

"yes. fight me, and see how strong i've become. if i lose, then i will acknowledge to stay. however, i win, then i must accompany you."

"i dunno..."

"please lord kejo, honor my wish!"

he looks into her eyes. he knew that she was sincere.

"okay, then we battle."
Sunday, December 5th, 2004
2:39 pm
before i begin, i must say that i just got done updating the bio for the characters on teh userinfo page. so, there you go!

"oh great," says an agravated tyron, "now i must babysit this oaf!" he takes kejo by the arm. "come on kejo, we're gonna take a walk"

"where to?" slurs kejo "to the nearest liquor store, i suppose?"

"no, you drunken idiot, around a garden a bit."

tyron pushes open the double doors leading to the garden in the backyard. kejo, being that his balance is tilted, uses tyron as support. tyron leads into the garden.

"you know, kitsune, sometimes i...fell derr, feel, cool about...things. about things i feel cool about. like, errr, nothing. and nothingnesses is happiness. and that, my friend, is how the world revolves."

"you know kejo, you make absolutely no sense at all."

"i makes perfectly good sense. you just can see beyond thae level i live in...the twilight zone!" burps kejo.

"i believe you live in a twilight zone, kejo."

"i'll gonna share a secret wit yas, tyron. i don't hates joooooo.......it lak i find me, dis guy" he attempts to point to himself but alas to a tree, "to be remind thast at one time i was like youl...you see? i didn't like meself then, because it leads to alls myies troubles..."

tyron perks up. he's amazed the kejo finally called him by his name. "really, kejo? why is this?"

kejo explains. "well ya see,..."

"we know perfectly well why. you two lead yourself into your own trouble, and the panda sees that, which is why he changed, but run as he far he can, he can't escape it. whereas you don't see it kitsune." a familiar voice says

the embodiment of the voice drops from the trees above. it was the same genet, sasuken.

"i have came for your life, kejo. this should be simple pickings, for you're intoxicated."

tyron step up. "not if i have anything to do with it!"

"step aside kitsune. i came for the panda!"

"man, you sure like to switch up. thought you were after me."

"i was, but there's something the panda."

"what, that's he's a threat to you? i can be just much as of pain in the side!"

sasuken grows indignant. "fine! you'll die along with the panda!" he runs toward them for an attack.

"kaze no shitomu!" shouts tyrons as he thrust out his hand, and repels sasuken. the genet land upon his back

"well done tyron, i didn't expect that. however, you're still weak."

"puh we'll see how weak i am then, try to attack kejo again."

disruntled, sasuken eyes tyrons. his eyes widen, and with that, grabs a branch and he attacks again.

tyron throw a fire spell upon sasuken. he throws the branch in way, and sidestep, and runs full speed toward tyron and strikes him. tyron is sent flying into a nearby walls. though in pain, he barely gets up. "that's all you got? cheap attacks?" he huffs

"it's enough to separate you from the panda" he pulls out a blade and comes toward kejo.

"tonight panda, you die!"

"nooo!" cries. "i won't make it in time!"

suddenly everything slows down and goes pitch black. from the skies descends a beautiful but ghostly figure with long flowing hair, two protruding horns, with striped ears and a striped tail. it lands behind tyron. tyron is terrified, but he cannot move. it whispers softly into his ear.

"do not fear, tyron, it is me." says the voice.

"i recognize your voice. you're the same one that told me what to do with the dream stone! are you the same voice kejo listens to?"

"yes i am. i am the one named kittim. now listen carefully tyron. you must use the dream stone to save kejo. it is the only thing powerful enough to counter the shadow stone sasuken has."

"but i don't know how to wield its power!"

"alas, i will guide you." the dream stone materializes into tyron hands. kittim cuff her hands around tyron's hand. she guide his hands toward the seemly slow-moving genet. "now listen to me. clear your mind and think. daydream. picture sasuken in your mind."

"yes." obeys tyron.

"now, with the might of your mind, fling the genet."

"i'm doing it." and with that everything went back to normal with the exception of sasuken surrounded by a white glow.

"what is this?!" sasuken exclaims

the white glow lifts him off his feet and into a wall 50 feet away. and again, the genet is sent unconcious.

"whoa, that was amazing! i can picture what attack i can do by dreaming! thank you...kittim."

kittim smiles. "it was a honor to assist a fellow canine. please do whatever you can to protect kejo from harm. as for now, another time..." and she vanishes.

tyron thinks to himself. "fellow canine? that can't be. she's doesn't look like a fox or a wolf, nor a coyote, dingo, or dog. unless she..." his mouth opens wide. "...unless that is what a fabled sassen looks like..."

"whoa kitsune," says the drunken kejo," whatever you did, i sures 'ppreciate it... dat was surelily 'mpresive."

"yeah, yeah, kejo. so what do want to do with sasuken."

"lets him go."

"again?!! why? he tried to kill you!!"

"teh draw blood fer into for nother teh draw blood...will only led teh more bloodshed."

"you know, kejo, i actually understood that."

"heh. just kleean hims up, and lets him go. ase ov meh, i'm layin down and preparinf fer a hangover.....g'night kitsune."

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Tuesday, November 30th, 2004
11:47 am
drunken dinner
"are you ready yet, baby?" yells tyron from the door of the bathroom

"just a minute," mea replies. she comes out of the bathroom in a silky white dress. tyron does a double take.

"is that you mea? i mean, i keep forgetting how stunningly beautiful you are..."

"awwww, quit it tryon," she giggles

"well, my lady, are we ready to go?"

"well, i believe so, sir."

they head the stairs. down the end of the stairs, they meet up with aerion.

"may i ask where are you guys heading?" she asks

"oh, me and tyron are heading out and eating at a restuarant."

"oh please, don't! i worked so hard on making dinner here. please sit with me for dinner!"

"oh yeah, i forgot." says tyron "she did say she was making dinner."

"oh, why not? we'll go out tommorrow."

"yeah, that is if kejo doesn't leave." says tyron.

"please, follow me this way, to the dining room." says aerion

they follow her into the dining room.

"please have a seat. lord kejo will join you shortly." aerion says as she leaves the room.

"you know, i haven't seen kejo since this morning. he's been in his room, which is odd, because kejo is always moving around." says mea.

"maybe he's sleeping?"

"kejo? sleeping all day? nah."

"okay, well whatever he's doing, it's not our business, mea. jeez, you seem to know more about him like he's your brother or something. i can tell you a couple of things about him, that he's arrogant and controlling."

"i'm pretty sure there's more to know about him. he's a bit strange. when i first met kejo, he seemed more uptight and quiet. but the more i talk to him, it's like he opens up to me. i try to be his friend, and now he's accepting it little by little. you see tyron, you and kejo don't get along, but inside, you both are the same, in a lot of ways. you both are very sweet, and very gentle."

"kejo? gentle?"

"yes, he is. i never knew somebody into finding the person in their dreams like kejo. he believes he knows her, but he's not familiar with it."

"what sense does that make? to know and not know at the same time? how do you get involved with such people mea?"

"well i do believe he'll find what he's looking for. and remember tyron, it was he that helped me and helped you."

"right now, he's owning me, as it seems."

in the room enters kejo and aerion. kejo is drunk. in a drunken stupor, he uses aerion to balance him.

"heya, bitches!" says kejo.

"and you say he's sweet? he's drunk off his rocker, mea!"

"i'm not drunk. just a little...tipsy. ...anways, we are gonna eat the glorious feast that my little aerion provided for us all." he turns to aerion. "our dinner please, missis ma'am lady sir!"

"we alike, huh, mea?" scoffs tyron.

"kejo, are you okay?" says mea.

"i've been fine, lady girl." he says gleefully

aerion brings in a cart of dinner, puts it upon the table.

"ha! don't touch the turkey kitsune! i it's mines!" he says as grabs it by the legs.

"kejo, that a pig, and i'm allergic to turkey."

"so? i didn't ask you!! he grabs his cup and fills it with wine. "ah, my happy juice."

"come on kejo," says mea coming towards him, "you had enough."

"no! my happy juice dammit!"

she attempts to take the cup but he snatches. she comes around him, and pulls. she gets the wine all over her dress.

"oh goodness!" exclaimes aerion. "mea, let me help you with that. come, we must go upstairs." she turns to tyron. "please mr. tyron, take lord kejo outside for some air."
Monday, November 22nd, 2004
3:45 pm
Aerion walks into the bathing room.

"so, how's your bath, lord kejo?"

"um, i guess it's going...fine, aerion. thanks for asking."

"let me help you," says aerion, and with that, she a bath brush, and comes around kejo. she scrubs his back. kejo, though hesitant, gave in, and tries to relax.

"let me ask you, aerion. what makes you generous to do things for me? i can never figure you out."

"lord kejo, the answer to that question is simple. it is because you have made me so happy, and i just want make you happier. when you're happy, i'm happy."

"really? that's sweet of you to say. aerion, one day you will make a great wife for somebody."

"well lord kejo, that's what i'm aiming for!"


"bleh, i'm bored." yawns tyron. "i have nothing to do."

"well, i can find something for us," replies mea. she comes up to tyron and kisses him on the forehead. "are you up for a little fun?"

tyron grins. "mea, when i'm around you i'm always up."

"good! we can go around town for a little stroll and eat at a restuarant. that'll be so romantic!"

"huh? yeah...that kind of fun. sure. it'll be lovely." says a disappointed tyron.

back in the other room. kejo is sitting upon his bed, think prolongly. aerion come in.

"lord kejo, what's wrong?"

"oh nothing, aerion. just have a lot upon my mind."

"is there anyhing i can do?"

"oh nothing really." he hesitates "well, if you could go down to the cellar, and fetch some wine, that'll be great."

"sure, that is no problem at all!" in a flash she comes back, with a bottle of wine with a wine cup.

"damn, aerion! i only wanted the bottle. well, that's okay, i know, you wanted to do it."

"you're going to drink all of the wine, lord kejo?"

"probably. i haven't decided yet." says kejo. "you know, aerion, you gave a pretty good shoulder massage. it was like i was dreaming..."

"thank you, sir. i have found great joy in rewarding you with happiness."

"i know i said it before, but you're such a good girl." with that, kejo kisses her upon a cheek. she blushes bright red.

"now go, aerion. i need to have a moment with myself before dinner. just call me to let me know when it's ready."

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Friday, November 19th, 2004
2:38 pm
"welcome back, kejo" says an old lady at the entrance of the gate.

a distant voice cried, "did she say 'kejo'?"

"hi. heh, nobody wasn't expecting for me to return, eh?" he chuckles

"oh, quite the contrary. we knew you'd be gone for a while, but we knew you'll be back, especially aerion."

"ahh, aerion. how is she?"

"LORD KEJO!" scream a voice. an aye-aye comes pouncing upon kejo.

"lord kejo! you're back! i missed you! how have your travels?" says the aye-aye.

"...aerion? that's you?! why, you've grown!" says kejo surprisingly

"and may i say, into a lovely, precisely rounded figure of girl..." says tyron

mea pokes tyron in the ribs.

"of course, she's not perfect as you, my sexy gumdrop...nothing is as beautiful as you..." says tyron in agony.

"yeah, whatever." she replies.

"yes, i really mean that. you're the only girl for me, mea. i mean that from the bottom of my heart..." he says as combs his fingers through her hair. "i love you."

"yo kitsune! i don't need to see you and mea making babies. need my keys for a room or something?" says kejo.

"lord kejo, i managed everything for you when you left. i hope that hopefully everything you find is satisfactory." says aerion as she bows.

"kejo," says mea, "is she your servant?"

"no, she never was. i took care of her and everything, and then one day she started calling me that. i kept telling her not to call me that, but she keeps on insisting."

"come now, lord kejo. i've prepared your bath. you must be weary from your venture. do not worry about our guests. we've prepared a room for them."

"a bath?"

"yes, everyday, since you've been gone, i always prepared a bath, just in case you returned. and now," she says. she smiles, and mea looks at her. the resemblance of the red hair. the smiles. now she can see why she reminds kejo of aerion.

"it payed off. you're back. and now i will take care of you."

"no, that's okay, aerion, i..."

"i insist!" she grabs kejo by the arm and takes him off.

"well, i guess i'll see you guys later, around dinner."

soo, what do you think is up with Aerion and Kejo? Mere hospitality, or is it more to it than that? (And will Mea and Tyron ever have sex? XDDD) more will be unveiled...

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Sunday, November 14th, 2004
1:07 am
journey to elabora
"kejo....we've been walking since 8:00 this morning, and i'm tired..." whines mea.

"i'll say. a 5-hour walk without is sure enough to make anybody pass out." replies tyron as he eyes kejo. "what's with this, kejo? i know you was ready to go in the wee morning, but come on!"

"be a man, kitsune!" says kejo "walking is good for you. and besides we're almost there."

"i know what's he up to, mea." says tyron "he's gonna kill and rape us, and take the dream stone, and dump our bodies elsewhere, possibly by a nearby river."

"what the hell, kitsune?" blazed kejo with anger "like if i'd raped you!"

"puh! who wouldn't? with a body like this? ;)" says tyron jokingly.

mea walks faster to catch up with kejo.

"did you hear it again?" she asks

"i did...i know her name. kittim. it's so...mysterious..." he blushes as he says it.

"well...that's good. least now you're getting somewhere." replies mea gleefully

he glances over to mea. "you know, i now know whom you remind me of. strange enough i couldn't remember it, but both of you have red hair. her name is Aerion, and that's another reason i'm eager to get to elabora. because she lives there. she'll be happy to see me. i miss her myself."

they climb up a hill and before stood a large city.

"heh. there you go! elabora!"
Sunday, November 7th, 2004
5:22 pm
the realm of visions


in a dream, kejo is enshrouded around a light blue mist.

"kejo...i'm proud of you." says the voice. "kejo, you proved to be ever so much a person in my eyes. you are the one i saw to be a true hero, one would make a maiden weak in her knees and to swoon over, just as i have done for you."

kejo grins, as much as he feels complimented, feeling as so if he's melting in his seat

"it was a honor for me. to follow your voice, to do what i'm willing to do for you. please, i must see you."

"is that all you ask for? i didn't want you to see me, just yet. or at least the last time i spoke upon you."

kejo feels the voice massaging, massaging his shoulders, and upon his neck. he churs.

"but yes," replies kejo, "i'm much more interested in you. i want to know who you are, and how you know so much about me. please..."

"the time will come, my dear kejo. but now, you must journey forword. you must go to the town of Elabora. and from there, i will speak to you again..."

"but wait, don't leave me yet! please, i implore you, tell me your name..."

"my name is...kittim..."

and with that, kejo wakes up.

"ha!" he says triumphly. "to Elabora!"

"only one problem, kejo..." says tyron groggily. "it's 2:00 o'clock at night! go back to sleep!"

"oh." embarrassingly stood kejo.

tommorrow we ride...

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Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004
12:25 pm
and with that, sasuken dashed toward kejo. kejo dodged his fist and sidestep to his right and attempt to counter. sasuken ducked and kicked kejo in the stomach and bashed him to the wall.

"ha!" says sasuken. "you're unbelievingly slow. i expected much more from you, panda. well, since you prove to be a worthless opponent, you deserve defeat to my bo stick!" with that, he unsheaths his bo stick and lunges toward the kneeling panda. kejo, being alert somersaults out of harm's way.

kejo scoffs "you see, it's things like these that piss me off. but for now, i'll play around with you. i'll surely be bored when i knock you unconcious!"

"you want to insult me, panda? want to say my skills are no match for you, i clearly caught you off guard?!"

"ummm, let me see..."says kejo sarcastly, "duh, yeah!"

the genet is infuriated "i'll send you to hell!" and with that, he unleashed a powerful mass of energy, whereas he jumped high toward the ceiling and crashed unto the floor his bo stick, which set a crack unto the middle of the floor.

"trust me, kejo," says tyron, "this guy captured me, he isn't easy as you think he is!"

"did i ask you, kitsune?!" says kejo angrily, turning his face toward him.

"i'm just trying to help! you don't have to be such a bloke!"

"maybe i do..."

"ha! caught off guard again!"

kejo turns his head to the front of him again, and he catches a uppercut to the face. and with that, he gets dragged a couple of feet upon the ground. he gets up, and the genet meets him again, and this time, he meets him with rapid thrust of his weapon. kejo dodges his attacks, and then jumps over the genet's head and kicks the back of it.

"you didn't believe me?! didn't think it's a game?! game over for you!" says kejo. with that, kejo rushes for the genet, and before sasuken could block, kejo gave him massive pound attacks that sent sasuken flying to the wall. the wall intercepted him and kejo confirmed it by body slamming him unto it. kejo gracefully lands whereas sasuken crashes head first. sasuken is unconcious. kejo stands over his head to take him out.

kejo grunts. "i spare you." he says solemnly.

mea squeals "you did it, kejo!"

kejo stares at her for a moment, and then comes over to tyron. he kicks the chains off him. they look at each other for a moment.

"lets go!" yells kejo, "and hurry!"

they leave out of the sanctuary, and over to the caves, to the one they entered into the town. kejo stop dead in his tracks.

"what's wrong, kejo?" says mea.

"you guys, need to be going. i have to move ahead. go, go back to Arbitea. Mea, you got you wanted, so..." kejo to tyron. "...i need to get what i came for. kitsune, i need the dream stone."

"what?" exclaims tyron. "why? why does everybody need this stone?"

"because...it's essential. essential to defeat of Haro. because of the voice. the voice the led me to the decision i did and doing."

"a voice? a voice told me to find this dream stone. and only to give it to the one with the zenith emblem."

"zenith emblem? i don't have a damn emblem! look, kitsune. i need the dream stone."

"i'm sorry. unless you have the emblem, i won't hand it to you."

"fine then! unless you hand me the dream stone, you won't go home. i'll make sure of it. you will not stand in the way of my quest!"

"gah, you can be such a bloody wanker, kejo! who the hell tells you to push us around."

kejo paused. "i'm not pushing you around, kitsune. i'm making sure that i won't disappoint her!" and with that, he walks away. "we will set camp here tonight."

"her?" tyron whisper to mea.

"the voice" she replies. "i think kejo is in love with the voice."
Tuesday, October 12th, 2004
11:48 am
the town of junea
from out of the darkness of the cave comes our two heroes, Kejo and Mea. Kejo carries Mea on his back from out the cave. upon leaving the cave, Kejo sets her down.

"ummm," stammers Mea,"i guess i'll thank you for carrying me through the cave. for whatever possessed you to do that, i haven't the slightest clue."

"i enjoy your soft, warm fuzzy body rubbing against mine," states Kejo slyly.

from that, Mea's mouth dropped open, dramatically.

Kejo laughs heartily. "i'm just joking! that look on your face, is priceless! the real reason is because that cave's floor were drenched with water, and i kinda felt obliged to carry you through it."

"awww, that's so sweet of you to do..."

"please, no time for emotions! let's press on now."

sure enough they have entered into the town of Junea. the whole town looked ghost town. without its people, the town was eerie, and what made it all the more spookier is that there was a ring of fire surrounding the entire town.

"well, we're here..." says mea.

"yeah, i brought you into the town. now i must be on my way."

"what? and leave me here? aren't you're gonna help me by like, taking me somewhere safe?"

"huh? look, Talonia's fate is in my hands! i have to find that kit..."

a piece of burning woods fall from a nearby building. it is falling, right upon kejo. mea abrubtly pushing kejo out of harm's way.

"whoa, how'd that happen?!" kejo says

"it's called fire, baby, and it burns wood. and also you!" says mea sharpily. "c'mon, kejo. i don't know my way around this town. you've been here before. help me out, please?"

"oh, why not? sure." kejo gives in. "just watch your back. and mine, too. i'll do the same for you."

they climbed up the stairs, to get to a higher part of the town. in this elevated part of the town, stands a santuary, shop, and more dwellings. kejo stops for moment.

"funny. the old biturong said i'd face off with a genet. but no one seems to be here."

"well, this IS the talonian army territory. and for not one the soldiers not to be in a major town as this, is awkward to me."

"well, maybe. but still, we need to check these places. let's go in this shop. maybe somebody is there, and they could help us find the persons we need."

and with that they enter the shop. within the shop, stood a cat lady and her daughter, both looked very exhausted and not too happy with the barrier around the town.

"hi there," says kejo. "i'm wondering if there is a kits..."

"have you seen Tyron in this town?" interrupted mea.

"what the hell? you interrupted me!" speaks kejo angrily.

"well, look kejo. help me find my person first, okay? that'll be so nice of you to do."

kejo sighs. "fine."

the lady speaks. "you two are new in this town, aren't you?" they both nod. "i can't see how you got here, usually the cave entrance is blocked off and guarded carefully. anyway, the last time i've seen tyron was when he was hauled off to the santuary by the guards."

"Tyron, no!" yelps mea. "Kejo, please! help me! you have to rescue tyron for me, please! i'll give you anything!!"

"ANYTHING??" says kejo pervertly. "eh, just joking again. i don't know mea. i can't be wasting my time and effort here. i have to do things quickly.

"okay then, can you quickly rescue him?" mea pleaded.

"gah, you're impossible, and you're cute too, with the whole pleading thing. how can i turn that face down? i'll do it. i'll hate myself, but i'll do it."

mea excitedly hugs kejo "thank you! thank you kejo!" she exclaims. she bore a heartfelt smile on her face.

"you know, when you smile like that, you remind me of someone...i know her, but at the same time i don't...well anyway, to the santuary!"

and off they went.

at the entrance, they slowly crept in. it was dark and arid, with the except of the dark candles burning upon the walls.

"bet ya, he's being held in the basement." whispers mea.

"bet you're right, too."

they steathly crept to the basement door and entered. as they got to the basement, they saw it was extremely wide. on a wall opposite to them, was a kitsune, chained and hopelessly slumped on a stool. they ran over to him.

"it's the kitsune!"

"it's tyron!"

both mea and kejo say this at the same time. the kitsune's face lit with the hope that sometime ago he lost before.

"so," says kejo, "this was the person you were looking for?"

"ironic we were looking for the same person!" mea giggled. "tyron, are you okay?"

"yeah, i guess. now that i've seen you again." mea and tyron nuzzled.

"what do they have you in here for, sweetie-pie?"

"well, they know i hold the dream stone, but i won't give it to them, i won't tell where i've hidden it. i missed you so much mea..."

"awwwww, that's soooo sweet!" says kejo sarcasticly. "now, we gotta get you outta here. and then we got stuff to discuss, kitsune when we get out."

"umm, what kind of stuff?"

"we'll discuss this when we get out! duh!!"

"...and we'll discuss how you've gotten this far, panda. after i've beaten it out of you," says a voice

a shadow drops from the ceiling and then the form is made clear. it is a genet, holding a bo stick.

"well, if it isn't the panda, whom seen through my troops and was able to get to this town." says the genet with apathy.

"it ends here, panda. there is only two things that you will remember before you die. one, that you have reckoned with the wrong forces, and that two, you will die by the hand of the one named Sasuken."

...to be continued.

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Tuesday, October 5th, 2004
11:53 pm
...as our heroes were left off, they entered the Lurei woods.

"be careful, i don't want the same thing to happen like last time," says Mea.

"trust me, that won't happen again, now that i have this stone." sharpily replies Kejo.

"true, but they might have the upper hand, that is having more experience with the stone."

"well, they might i have experience," says Kejo as he quickly draws his gun and shoots down an approaching guard, "but i have a gun! let's go! there is no time to talk!"

and off they run, towards a nearby fast current river.

"oh great! now how are we supposed to past this?" says Kejo.

"maybe there's a nearby bridge, or may some stone we can use to cross."

"there's nothing around for miles. i know that for sure. i've been here thousands of times, but we've entered the wrong part of the forest." Kejo sighss deeply "it looks like we're gonna do this the hard way. come on, hop on my back."

"what are you gonna do? i hope you're not to attempt to cross the river with me on your back!"

"No!! that's suicide! we're gonna hop trees."

and with that said, mea climbs on kejo back. kejo measures out tree, and finds the right one, with the perfect branch. he climbs up the tree with ease, and carefully sidles the branch. he jumps the branch like a sugar glider and lands without fault upon the lower branch of another branch of a tree on the opposite bank.

"wow, kejo! you're a great climber!" exclaims mea.

"i know." kejo says arrogantly. "i think we're getting closer to the mountains. please tell me if we're anywhere near the caverns."

"wait a minute. i thought you've been in these woods many times..."

"true. but not this part."

mea sighs. "boys..."

they hike a good quarter of a mile before reaching the caverns. all along the way, Kejo sniped out the soldiers whom might see them.

"well," says mea,"this is it. after we go through these caves, we'll be in Junea."

"well, what's with the suspense? let's get moving!" says kejo.

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Monday, October 4th, 2004
4:57 pm
on the way to Junea...
"oh crap," says kejo astonishingly. "We still have Lurei woods to cross and we have to we have to climb THAT?!"

"no, silly!" replied mea. "at the base of the mountain, there is a cavern we could use to get across. but let's not get ahead of ourselves. we still have the guards and other things to worry about."

kejo turned his back towards her.

"yes, true. so why are we standing here wasting time? let's go!"

"what do you mean? i'm already in the woods"

kejo turns around. "hey! wait up!" and off into the woods he runs.

dammit, i have to go. i will finish this later.


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Friday, September 24th, 2004
2:29 pm
Kejo's awakening
"where am i?"

Kejo gets to find he's in a whole other place than he expected. in this room, he's never been in. in a bed. but how? how did he get here?

a stranger enters from the kitchen.

"you awake, i see." she comes toward him with a bowl of soup.

"do i know you?" says kejo bewildered.

"well, you would have, have not you fainted for 2 days." she sits on the bed beside him.

"lets start over, shall we? my name is Mea, and i saved you from the woods, shortly after you passed out from being attacked."

"yeah, i remembered being attacked. but how? i saw them one moment, then the next, i'm being attacked which seem like wind to me."

"that's because they shadow stones. shadow stones have many powers, some still not found yet. but as you can see, one of the powers discovered is invisibility."

"oh great, now what do i do?"

"what do you do? why, do nothing. it's best so that you don't get killed."

"but i must. this familiar voice. it said that i was to one, to defeat the General. it was time."

"even so, how? you need the shadow stone. the General's whole army are armed with the shadow stone. it'll be impossible to get past him without one."

"i don't need the shadow stone. what i need...what i need is the dream stone."

"the dream stone? those are very rare to find. how do you think you'll even get one?"

"i know one who has it. and i must find him."

"you're quite stubborn, and i do understand; i can't keep you here forever, but you need your strength. stay at least for least one more day. here, eat this." Mea hand him the soup. "you'll need your strength."

"thank you. by the way, where are we?"

"well we're in the town of arbituno. where are you heading?"

"to Junea."

"Junea?!" Mea had the biggest looked of astonishment upon her face. "Kejo, you'll die trying to get there! Junea's dangerous to go to!"

"Mea, i have to. i must. i need the dream stone."

"I see." she walks over to a shelf, and grabs an awkward object. she tosses it to Kejo.

"you have such a stubborn spirit, and i like that about you. it's a shadow stone. you'll need it see the soldiers."

"thank you...thank you Mea..."

"one last thing, i ask of you."

"yes? what is it?"

"take me along with you. i have to go to Junea as well. for some reason i can trust you can make it to Junea."

"okay. you can come. first thing, next morning we set off."

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Wednesday, June 2nd, 2004
1:14 pm
to tell you the truth, mea_panda, i didnt want to do this part of the story, without your consent. i dont really know Mea's personality or characteristics. but i'll try to do the best that i can. anyway, when will you jump into this story? i'm hoping very soon.

but for now, i best be going.

Tuesday, June 1st, 2004
12:39 pm
into the forest...
Kejo finally leaves the grassy hills and begins his journey to Junea. but to get to Junea, Kejo must first make his way through Lurei woods.

"Dammit," says Kejo. "I forgot i have to get through these woods! i havent beent to Junea in a while, nevertheless, i can remember my way there...i think."

Up ahead Kejo sees two Talonian soldiers.

"Huh? what are they doing here in these parts? i thought they didn't evade here yet!"

"Hey you!" cried one the guards. "Who are you?"

Alarmed at being sighted, and being the cocky fighter he is, Kejo replies.

"Don't worry who i am! Just know this! i'm your demise!" And with that, Kejo pulls out his gun. He shoots at them, but the guards are quick and dodge his beams.

"Demise? You must be delirious. Do you wonder why they call us the Invisible Army? You shall see!" And with that, they both disappear.

"Huh, where the hell did they go?"

Wham! Kejo takes a blow from the left side of his face. He flinches and goes to the ground on his knees. Before he can recover, he get kicked from behind. There he lies, upon the forest floors, as the soldiers then stomp on his head repeatedly.

"It's time to end this...," one of the soldiers say as he unsheathes his sword

Boooooom! a large wave throws the soldiers away from Kejo. Dropping from the trees and landing beside Kejo is a female giant panda. She helps him up.

"Who..wh....who are you?" says Kejo wearily.

"My name's is Mea. Everything's going to be okay. I'm going to take you somewhere so that you can be healed. This forest is full of the Talonian soldiers, so if you ever irk them, they'll strike you and you would never know. Come now. I'll help you."

"But how? how...could you..see them......? Do you have...."

"Shhhhhh...be quiet. I must get you to a safer place. I got to hide you..."

And away they went into the forest's mist
Friday, May 28th, 2004
1:11 pm
continuation of "awakening"
yes, let begin where we left our hero(es)...

Kejo now enters enters into the grassy plains, as he promised the voice in his dreams. as he goes up a steep uphill, he passes an older binturong. as he procedes to go downhill...

"Stop right there, my son..." cried the binturong

"Huh, what is it that you want?" Kejo says.

"I sense that you are the one that will attempt the stop the General, is that so?"

"Yeah, it is. I heard it from a voice in a vision. i know that voice, but i dont know the person. Anyway she told me to come here, in these grassy hills. But for what, i dont know."

"My son, it is impossible to defeat the General, not unless..."

"Not unless, what?

"Not unless you have the dream stone. Dreams stones are rare to find. Some say that the dream stones and shadow stones crashed here on Keryirea as meteors. Shadow stones, being as fragile as they are, were shattered into thousands of pieces as of hitting the surface, where as the dream stone broke of a very few pieces. the dream stone came to be found by a rare race of the sassens, who grew very fond o fhte stone, and safeguarded the stones. the only way to get a dream stone would be to encounter a sassen, whom at these times are very rare to find."

"But the voice told me, i can find the thing i need for victory. I know it's true. It must be the dream stone the voice was telling me about! I won't give up, i will find it!"

"Okay, i see that have the zeal for what it takes. But i must let you on something. I have the power to tell you the future. Well, part of it anyway. You must find the kitsune, in the town of Junea. but it will not be easy. Junea is surrounded by the General's army. the only way through is to get through the genet, the army's camp leader. Thus you can find the kitsune in the town."

"Thank you kind binturong..."says Kejo, as he turns away. as he turns around to ask "What is your name...", the biturong was gone.
Wednesday, May 26th, 2004
2:21 pm
the hero arises...
i'm adding a bit more to the story now. I now Kejo getting ready to set for adventure. soon, he will meet two characters of the story (both mine) and very soon after that, the story will really start to take off. but dont let me stop ya from adding anything. i encourage sub-plots and things of that. which reminds me, i'll havta do a few rule things. oh well. for now, enjoy the bit of story so far!

"I see her. above the hill. as tho i know her, but her name is never summoned..."

"Kejo...Kejo, awake...innocent people are suffering, innocent people are dying...you have a kind heart, Kejo, and in your heart Kejo, you cant allow this injustice to happen. You are the shining sun for these people...do not set on them..."

"She knows my name and my life though i know nothing of this stranger. but the past recognizes her face, i but i see nothing."

"Go Kejo. to the northpart grassy hills of this area. you shall recieve a three gifts in that day. one of victory, another for mental displine, and another in physical strength. let my voice be the map for you...follow my words..."

And there Kejo stood. He is upon disbelief of the event that just took place. One moment, in a daily activity of sharping his aiming skills, these embodied voice comes to him, and appoints him a quest. He knows the voice, but somehow, his mind doesnt register him of the person. It is of someone he knows, but yet he doesn't. Though this event seems to be of some spontaneous occasion, Kejo (species: red panda), is adventurous and is of wonder of voice's message. Thus Kejo sets out for his journey...

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